[USA] Wind power generation device for window trim frame (창문 장식 프레임을 위한 풍력 발생 장치)

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Wind power generation device for window frame frames.

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출원번호(Application number) : 16626256 (2018 .05 .04 )

등록번호(Registration number) : 10995733 (2021.05.04)

특허권자(Patentee): Jae Sun Choi

요약(Summary) : The disclosed invention relates to a wind power generation device for a window trim frame, the wind power generation device: enabling alignment and provision in a prefabricated manner so as to fit the size of a window trim frame or the window frame of a general house or a building such that the installation thereof is simplified; manufactured in a small size such that purchase and production costs are relatively lower than those of other power generation facilities and the like; and charging, with produced electric energy, a storage battery provided at the end thereof and, simultaneously, enabling a charging completion to be immediately checked, thereby easily being used.

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